Sara Bonnyman

Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

Jennifer's has been proudly carrying the hand-thrown pottery of Sara Bonnyman for over 25 years. 

A word from Sara,

"Welcome to my world of handmade functional stoneware pottery. I have a passion to throw pots and I share that age old belief that the true joy of handmade pottery is in holding it, feeling the spirit of the clay as it holds whatever small pleasure you have chosen to use the pot for. I have decided to spend all of my pot life making pots for everyday use. So that if somebody buys a mug, surely they'll have their hands wrapped around it and it will mean something. It will be a pleasure.

   The feeling of the clay when you're on the wheel, it just slides through your hands and it's a world. To make a pot is concentration and it's pressure with your fingers. It's your eye watching how the clay is reacting to what your fingers are doing. It incorporates the whole of your body because you are braced so that the clay doesn't push you around. You are moving with the clay and gliding the clay. Your fingers are telling you whether the clay has had enough or if it's still got some more room in it to make more of the shape.

Occasionally there will be a real gem. Something where the clay is just right and the glaze hits just so. Where the pot dances. A pot that dances is one that somehow catches the light. You know that there is something more to it then what you did. All the clay is done on the wheel and it somehow captures the movement even after it's stopped.

 A pot that works is a pot that keeps your coffee hot. A chowder bowl that is made so you can wrap your hands around it and feel the warmth of the chowder through the pot. A pot that has gotten into your life that you can only make that dish because that pot is there. That's a pot that works.

I have to make pots because that is who I am. I'm just so happy with clay and I'm just so fortunate to have realized that. It's a way of life. It's a basic way of life. To work with something that came out of the ground, that's where we all start and that's where we are all going back. Clay is part of the world and to able to make something out of it that we can use, it means something to me."


Watch Sara create her amazing hand-thrown pottery.

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