Adorable Chocolat

Adorable Chocolate Truffles 125g bags 11.95 each Available in Dark Chocolate Rum, Hazelnut Praline, and Sea Salt Caramel

Product Description

Shediac, New Brunswick

Adorable Chocolates need to be savoured.  Each bite is a chocolate lovers dream! Chocolateirs Ginette Ahier and Frederic Desclos take great care in creating their delectable treats. They use only the best ingredients and make sure that their chocolate is organic and fair trade.  This attention to detail shows in every bite.

"Our chocolatier creators, intoxicated every day by chocolaty fragrances, passionately prepare a must-taste selection of delectable creations from the most traditional to the most outrageous.  In your travels, and adventures, your palate becomes increasinly sophisticated, and we are skillfully attempting to satisfy them"

Artist: Adorable Chocolat

"International cooking, the mystery of cocoa, and local producers. Those are our main inspiration sources here at Adorable Chocolat."